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Welcome to Puget Sound Quality Coatings Painting Services

We offer commercial and residential painting and restoration services to ensure that you are satisfied.

Interior Painting

Helping you create a unique and fresh living space through paint.

Quality Service

Our expert team with over 25 years of experience ensures that we maintain attention to detail and protect your home.

Exterior Painting and Staining

Protecting your investment through great paint and stain options to ensure your home is beautiful for years to come.

Transforming Spaces

Painting your buildings, decks and fences can transform the look and value of your property immediately.
Clean and Efficient

Clean and Efficient

We take great care to protect your home with drop cloths, plastic and garbage removal.
Creative Spaces

Creative Spaces

If you need us to help you plan, install and paint to create your perfect space, we are here to help you! We love going above and beyond to also restore sheet rock, wood and fixtures as well as providing excellent painting services.
Unlimited Options For Your Home

Unlimited Options For Your Home

Your home deserves to have your perfect and comfortable home looking it's best! We will help you in the process of determining the best options for your painting needs.
"Puget Sound Quality Coatings recently painted our decks and house trim. They were fast and efficient. The prep work was impressive leading to NO splatter on other areas of our house when they were finished. They used high quality paint and applied it generously!!! We have used other painters before and on comparison the quality of their work is outstanding! I will never try to do this myself again either!! I highly recommend this company. The owners answered all my questions and said they stand behind their product!! The staff was hard working and friendly." ~ Tarnia M